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Great Circle helps organizations of all types and sizes get the most out of their data networks by making them more cost-effective, reliable, manageable, scalable, and flexible. We work with smart managers and network engineers to design, deploy, upgrade, and manage the networks that best suit their organizations' needs.

We work with our customers to get a handle on all the myriad "-ing"s (addressing, naming, routing, hosting, peering, etc.) and "-ity"s (security, availability, reliability, manageability, maintainability, flexibility, scalability, sustainability, etc.) of their networks. We help our customers identify the issues involved, explore the options available, and then select and implement affordable and effective solutions.

We particularly focus on network automation (automated configuration and management of network devices and services) as a means of achieving outstanding sustainable results for our customers. Great Circle's principal, Brent Chapman, has been actively involved with network automation for over 10 years (and with IP network engineering in general for over 20 years), with customers ranging from startups to global enterprises to leading broadband carriers, as well as developers of network automation software.

Great Circle's consultants have broad experience in the key areas of network architecture, beyond our special expertise in automation, including network topology, routing, security, performance analysis, naming and addressing issues, and fundamental network services (DNS, DHCP, SNMP, logging, e-mail, WWW, etc.).

Types of Clients

We work with many types of clients, including:

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